Read what some of our advertisers say about Florida Decor...

"Larry, I just wanted you to know that I got 3 jobs from the last issue. And I have gotten great responses consistently from the magazine - more than any other magazine. Love it!" - Sherri Goode, 954.701.6149

Well, the first 2 ads didn't produce any results when all of a sudden I got 2 good calls from the third ad and a bunch more from the 4th and 5th one. Now I believe it really does take time for ads to work. The homes your magazine goes to are extremely high end. I'm very happy with your magazine and the personal attention you give me. Thanks! - Alex, A&M Custom Furniture, 954.925.3228.

"I can't believe I got a great lead from the very first ad 2 days after the magazine came out." I'm very happy.  - Kevin, BT Pavers 954.253.8709

"I usually get a great response from your magazine. One customer came in and spent a total of $120,000!! Like you said, you mail to a very high income homeowner. - Jeff, Styline Furniture 954.523.3375

"Wow. This last issue, there was a line of people waiting for me to open. They all come from your magazine. I've also gotten some nice response from many other issues." - Jackie, Zu Furnishings, 954.923.9011

"I've gotten some nice leads from the magazine. Unfortunately, I did not close on all of them, but I'm glad to know the people are getting the magazine and they call from it. - Bill, Kitchen and Bath Studios, 954.421.4939

"I'm impressed. I've gotten a few very big leads and this last issue, I got a extremely big project. You have a heck of a mailing list."
Rick, Vintage Flooring, 954.983.6944.

I do very nicely with your magazine. We got a customer in from Boca. She said she saved the magazine for about 3 years and finally came to make a purchase. So I guess your magazine really does have a long shelf life. - Mike P, Adam's Furniture.


"When my ads come out in Florida Decor, I always get flooded with customers. Some people even point to the style vanity they saw in the ads and ask for it. I can honestly say that Florida Decor has built my customer base tremendously.
- Judge, The Joshua Tree 954.564.8636

I can't tell you how many customers (and their friends) came in with the magazine. It was amazing. Customers were literally coming out of the woodwork from the first ad we ran! The money and the traffic we received from your magazine was stunning. Thanks." - Showroom managerof Turner Bay.

"Actually, when the magazine goes out, people come in with the torn page of our ad. We get excellent reponse and people from prior ads also come in so we know your magazine has a great shel life." - Naomi, Fusion Home.

"I know people love your magazine. I was called by a homeowner to remodel a bathroom and lo and behold, there was your magazine in the magazine rack...with my ad in it. The funny thing is, they didn't call from the ad, but now I know your magazine really does go where you say it goes". - Anonymous

"I just wanted to tell you that I made a fantastic sale the other day from my ad. A designer said she got a call from her client who said they saw my ad. The immediately call her and the designer brought her client to my showroom."
- Ed, Odabassian Rugs, Dania Beach

I received 22 emails about the article I placed in your magazine. The Scene magazine article which was published in NY only got 16 emails. It was the same article. Wow! - Lance Wallach, Accountant, (516) 938-5007
In a follow up email from Mr. Wallach's associate, the letter said, " I am Lance Wallach's associate. I just wanted to tell you that your Magazine is amazing.